The Project IMPReSA focuses on the development of innovative materials for the building envelope meeting the requirements of the Circular Economy. Their manufacturing processes must by characterised by a low environmental impact and must take into account the sustainable use of resources. The proposed constructive solutions aim at recycling and recovering the industrial plastic debris characterised by poor mechanical and physical properties, which do not find suitable alternative applications. The innovative materials developed within the Project may reduce the potential environmental impact of building construction; the partial replacement of the aggregates of natural origin with plastic debris, in fact, permits to reduce the effects related to quarrying, treating, and transporting the virgin materials, which imply a high consumption of soil, water, and energy.
Moreover, the mortars and concretes including plastic particles may be conveniently employed both to build prefabricated structures, and to reinforce and renovate the existing buildings.

The specific objectives of the Project are listed below:
– development of one or more innovative construction materials, including non-recyclable plastic particles or fibres, manufactured by employing pre-dosed products, which must be industrially produced;
– assessment and estimate of the technological and economical advances related to the new materials with respect to the materials traditionally employed in building construction;
– raising awareness about the environmental issues and highlighting the advances related to a Circular Economy, in which waste materials may be efficiently reused.