IMPReSa Project

Development of innovative construction materials including non-recyclable plastic particles acting as reinforcement.

IMPReSA is a Project founded by the Emilia Romagna Region, which combines both the scientific knowledge of four Research Centres and the expertise of two prominent companies located on the Region.

IMPReSA aims at providing novel applications in the civil engineering field, which incorporate plastic debris no longer exploitable for the pristine intended use, by following the Circular Economy principles.

The Project, in fact, promotes the use of non-recyclable plastic materials as reinforcing phase within cementitious mortars for structural purposes, by substituting the aggregates of natural origin.

This two-year Project starts on the 25/07/2019 and it ends on the 25/07/2021.

The main goal is the study, the design, and the development of innovative “eco-friendly” construction materials, including reinforcing plastic fibers or particles, which may contribute to the transition towards a green economy which takes into account the sustainable use of resources.